Jaggery - The Traditional Sweetener

Jaggery is a natural unrefined sweetener, and is considered as ‘superfood’ as it contains more vitamins, minerals and lower sucrose content than sugar. It is primarily made from sugarcane, but can be made from date sap or coconut sap too. Jaggery is a common product in Asian and African countries however almost 70% of world’s Jaggery comes form India. Practitioners of Indian Ayurvedic medicine have been using Jaggery for thousands of years. This naturally sweetening food has enormous health benefits, as it is a rich source of calcium, iron and other micronutrients. It is reported that consuming Jaggery may strengthen immune system, increase energy levels, aid in digestion and detox the liver.

PureMe Organics Jaggery is a GI tagged product of Kolhapur. Kolhapur has wide & deep river basins with rich alluvial soil and minerals which makes the land fertile, unique and well suited for the cultivation of high quality sugarcane. Kolhapur Jaggery is famous for its unique sweetness, which comes from the sugarcane seeds that are preserved by the farmers using traditional methods and reasons. Kolhapur Jaggery has a longer shelf life as compared to Jaggery produced in other parts of the country. The GI tagged Jaggery is white and gold in colour and has a distinctive sweetness and aroma.


Jaggery is the rural cottage industry of kolhapur, which has potential for rural job creation with minimum capital investment

Jaggery Capital of India
GI Tagged Product
One District One Product
Ranks first in Qualitative & second in Quantitative term
Export to > 44 Countries
> 1,00,000 Farmers depend on Jaggery for their Livelihood